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    global rise in temperature


    Главная » 2014 » Декабрь » 17 » Project: "" Creating a prototype method of fighting forest fires and other. "
    Project: "" Creating a prototype method of fighting forest fires and other. "


    Environmental Engineering Center "Nova"


    Anatoly Shevchuk - coordinator and author of the project.


    Project Team Engineering - Environmental Center "Nova".


    Rakhov Street. , Verbnik 152/12, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine.


    Phone: + 380938489808. Email: A.Shevchyk@yandex.ru.


    Website: www.cataclysm.at.ua


               Project: "" Creating a prototype method of fighting forest fires and other. "


              My team of 4 - participants on the basis of the engineering center will ● Create a prototype g.Rahove Transcarpathian region of Ukraine.


              The team for the project requires funding in the amount of as - 500000 US Dolar.


             The planned duration of the project from the beginning of financing: from 9 to 12 months.


              My team will develop a prototype that is capable of more than promises more effective to extinguish forest fires and others, in comparison with foam and water struyno- method.


              The essence of innovation (her know - how) is the most obsessive use of materials, design and fabrication of the prototype, proposed by the authors.


             Command and resume.


            1. Anatoly Shevchuk, 62, an engineer - technologist, higher technical education - IFING.Avtor this idea and more than 50 development and engineering innovation, experience - 35 years.

            2. Dezider Barth, 60, an engineer - electronics, higher technical education - LPI, work experience - 33 years. Author of more than 15 engineering and development and innovation.


           3. Fedor Tafichuk, 33 years old, lawyer.

           4. Ivan A. Shevchuk, 35 years old, economist manager experience - 9 years.


           Our resource that will give us a unique, has many years of experience in the development and implementation of various projects in the field of precision engineering technology at a defense plant, very friendly, hardworking fanatical and experienced team of professionals.


           In the public space have no information about the past achievements of our team.


         The team will be offered to interested organizations and individuals to conduct awareness advertising in the media, the Internet, etc., the opportunities provided by the prototype.

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